Yorkshire artist unveils 400 stunning abstract paintings created in lockdown

While many Britons may count mastering a bake or two and completing some boxsets as their lockdown achievements, Yorkshire artist Tracey Ann Britton (AKA Tray Tronic) was busy creating hundreds of stunning abstract paintings.

Some of the 400 paintings she created are on display in her “Music For Your Eyes” exhibition in CollaborARTi’s Gallery 3 in Huddersfield’s Piazza. The exhibition will be formally launched on Thursday 5th August at 11 am.

Tracey says that creating art was her way of looking after herself during the Covid pandemic. 

Tracey said “I’ve been aware of art as a therapeutic tool to enhance my wellbeing for many years. When lockdown happened it seemed obvious that painting would help get me through all of the weirdness that came with it. As it turned out the weirdness went on for a long time…so I’ve done a lot of painting.”

“It feels like the colours sing to me while I am painting. It’s an unconscious process with a bit of magic thrown in where sometimes it’s as if the paint and canvas tell me what they want me to do next. If that sounds a bit crazy it probably is. I was diagnosed with bipolar when I was 22 & it pretty much affects every aspect of my life almost all the time.”

The exhibition follows Tracey’s journey over the last year, her painting style changing as society opened up and closed down again.

“Early in lockdown I found a palette of 12 colours that worked for me and decided to stick with it in my work through all the restrictions. When the second lockdown happened I added some more colours and began experimenting with geometric shapes and using my fingers too.”

“I’ve had lots of great feedback- the word beautiful comes up often! I absolutely love the paintings- I love the way they look and the way they make me feel, and I love the way this work has helped to keep me well. I find it quite difficult parting company with my paintings when I sell one! “ 

The exhibition is open on Saturdays until the end of August from 12-3pm and other times by arrangement.  You can see Tray’s art on her website www.traytronic.co.uk and her Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/traytronic/

The exhibition is being hosted by CollaborARTi, a Huddersfield based artists collective founded in 2019 by local artists Kath Wright and Henry Morris.

Kath Wright said, “We’re happy and thankful to be able to offer support to a very special artist at an exciting stage in her career. We’re proud to be the first place to host a solo gallery exhibition of Tray’s mesmerising art.”

Tracey Ann Britton is available for interviews. Photos of artwork available on request. Call 01484 420386/ 07778 425706.

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